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Is WARMEE safe to use?

Winters are almost here, so is the time for a delicious soup, hot chocolate, Bonfire, aesthetic woollen wear, snowfall view, and a cool breeze. However, this cool weather also brings unavoidable cold bodies, feet, and hands. You can get relief from the annoying effect of winter and a shivering body if you use WARMEE body, hand, and feet warmers. Our warmers will make your winter trips fun, sleep peacefully, and your work schedule shivers-free. Most people will have safety concerns when the product is used on body parts. If "Is WARMEE safe to use?" your worry, read till the end to get your answers.

Let's delve into the safety aspects

We provide several products to protect your body from the freezing effect of winter. One noteworthy aspect of our various body warmers is that all are produced entirely of natural components, making them safe for the environment, your skin, your pocket, and your travels. Our warmer is a trustworthy product in the following ways;

  • Protects body without harm: Although our body warming product provides 55 to 60 degrees Celsius heat, it doesn't burn your skin if used following the instructions. Place the body warmer within the folds of the clothes, whereas put the hand warmer in the jacket pockets or gloves. Similarly, you can use a foot warmer as a shoe insole. If you follow the guidelines without fail, a warming product has zero harm and only benefits.
  • Safe for the environment: It is made of natural ingredients. Because the warmers have biodegradable ingredients, you can cut the pack and mix their components into the soil after use. In addition, it doesn't consume energy like electricity or gas required in electric heaters and hot water bottles. Hence, it saves energy while providing you with favourable heat.
  • Smart and budget-friendly: It is also safe for your pocket because we offer the best body, feet, and hand warmers at reasonable rates. It works efficiently and protects you from the adverse effects of cold reaching your body. These adverse effects include common cold, swelling, and body aches involving medicine expenses. Additionally, these items save you money on energy costs because they don't require gas or electricity.
  • A travel-friendly product: All our heating products are safe to use while travelling because they are lightweight, comfortable, convenient, and stable. It provides pleasing heat to your body and doesn't give any sense of discomfort. You can put body warmers in your sleeping bag or within the folds of clothes for a comfortable routine.

Some other benefits of trusting WARMEE

Our warmers promise safety and offer a plethora of advantages to their users. You should trust our various warmer products for the following reasons:

  • Highest-quality: Our body, feet, and hand warmers are of the highest quality, proved through the multiple testing and approval certifications displayed on the website. It works fast to deliver your body a long-lasting heating lasting five to eight hours.
  • Excellent rates: It is an exceptional body warmer product you get at a competitive rate. Our various body-warming products differ according to quantity and budget. You get it at affordable pricing and can buy the smaller pack to analyse its impact.
  •  Customer satisfaction record: You can check how satisfied and happy our clients are with our top-notch products through their testimonials. We guarantee cost-effective pricing, skin-safe heat, and easy use to ensure your happiness.
  • Feel super comfortable: The other benefits of choosing Nysh's body warmers over any other traditional method are comfort and convenience. Our products are lightweight, ultra-thin, and easy to use.

The warmers you get at Nysh

Three different types of warmers for the hands, feet, and body are sold by Nysh. All these products are air-activated and made of natural ingredients. The three products offered by us can be defined as;

  1. Body warmer: It is a ready-to-use product to be placed within the folds of clothes. It ensures warmth within 5 to 10 minutes, lasting up to 8 hours. You can also place it in a jacket pocket or sleeping bag. We offer our body warmers in sets of five and ten to accommodate different price ranges.
  1. Foot warmers: The ultra-thin and travel-friendly foot warmers come in universal sizes that easily fit the shoe size five and above. You can get our excellent foot warmer insoles in packs of 3 and 5 pieces.
  1. Hand warmer: Nysh's hand warmer is another excellent product that you can place in the gloves or jacket pocket to keep your shivering hand stable and warm. The hand warmers at our website are available in the Pack of 4 and 6 pieces.

 You have to keep in mind that you cannot use one warmer again and again. It is a safe and eco-friendly single-use product.

Shivering in the cold? WARMEE is here for your rescue

Add body warmers by Nysh to your winter routine and say no to compromising on fun and outdoor activities due to low temperatures during winter vacation. Our products are designed after thorough research and multiple testing to guarantee 100% safety. Nysh warmers are safe for families, including children above four. Check out our product range to buy safe, impressive, air-activated winter warmers.


  1. How does our warmer generate heat amidst severe cold?

Oxidation is an exothermic chemical reaction that supports the heating effect of our products. Comprising carbon, salt, vermiculite, and powdered iron, all warming products are air-activated. These chemical-free materials go through oxidation once the warmer pack is opened. The oxidation reaction then radiates the required heat.

  1. Why are body-warming products required during winter?

The harms of cold weather include:

  • Common cold accompanied by nose stuffiness, runny nose, cough, congestion, sneezing, and fever.
  • Body aches, swelling, and joint pain
  • Mild headache and sore throat
  • Poor sleep cycle due to cold feet
  • Bad mood due to never-ending shivers

You can avoid these effects using a safe and affordable body warmer.

  1. How to avoid warming products' potential harms?

Do not put your naked feet over the heating insoles to avoid harm. Senior citizens, children, and those with sensitive skin can place an additional layer of clothes to avoid redness due to heat because everybody has varying heating requirements.