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How to use feet warmers?

Ice-cold feet during winter attract some adverse and unavoidable effects on your body and routines. A study suggests Cold feet during winter can result in a common cold, whereas its other adverse effects include swelling and pain. The other issue concerning cold feet is feet taking longer to warm up in winter than any other body part because of the slower blood circulation through limbs in cold climates. A sense of discomfort rooting from cold feet affects your sleep as well. The modern world has solutions for everything, including cold feet, and that solution is foot warmer. Ready to know why foot warmers are such a wow-worthy product?

Foot warmers: The best solution for frozen feet

 A heating pad or hot water bottle at the bottom of your feet is a solution for cold feet. However, this solution is inconvenient because the heating pad restricts foot movements, and the hot water requires frequent heating. Some also suggest a warm footbath, but its impact is not long-lasting. A warm foot bath leaves you with the same cold feet issue after a few moments of relief. The thick socks are also not that impactful during severely cold temperatures or conditions of Anaemia. A Feet warmer eradicates all these concerns and helps effectively during winter. The feet warmers are quick, effective, long-lasting, and comfortable solutions for warm feet during winter.  Now, as you know, the impact of foot warmers on your health and lifestyle in winter. Let us guide you on how to use this innovative body-warming product.

How to use feet warmers effectively? Three easy steps

Foot warmers are simple and convenient to use. WARMEE's foot warmer doesn't affect your movements like a heating pad or hot water bottle. You can simply wear it with your shoes. Foot warmers protect your feet from chilly temperatures, whether wandering outside or working inside. Follow the given steps to use feet warmers:

  •  First, open the wrapper or cover and remove the warmer.
  •  It looks just like an insole. Put it the same as an insole at the bottom of your shoes.
  • Wear your winter socks and slip your feet into shoes consisting of WARMEE’s foot warmers.

Warmee foot warmers: Your winter buddy 

When it comes to best foot warmers, WARMEE wins with its ultra-thin yet effective and highly comfortable foot warmers. It protects you from freezing temperatures no matter how cold the weather is. It is compatible with every shoe size starting from number 5 and keeps your feet warm for several hours. Benefits of using WARMEE foot warmers include:

  • Provides warmth for 5 hours:  Warmee's warmers act as a shield against cold for almost 5 hours. Depending on the temperature outside, woollen socks or heating pads take an hour to warm the feet, whereas WARMEE does the same within a few minutes.
  • It doesn't depend on outside energy: Foot warmers are air-activated and work on the principle of oxidation. When exposed to air, the natural components oxidise and generate heat. It does not need any outside source of energy or electricity.
  •  Safe and eco-friendly: Our warmers are safe to use. You only have to avoid applying it directly to the skin. The natural components ensure safe disposal, whereas air-activated heat eradicates the need for electricity or any other energy that affects the environment.
  • Comfortable everywhere: Its thin and stable design makes it comfortable to wear anywhere and anytime. Heating pads, water bottles, blankets, etc., don't help when you are outside, but WARMEE's feet insoles help. Whether working outside, travelling on a train or flight, or sitting inside binge-watching your favourite shows, you can wear your shoes anytime without any discomfort.

What else can help you keep your body warm in winter?

While cold feet are the major concern during winter, it is not the only issue. You need to protect your hands and body from the adverse effects of winter. For the same, the following tips can help.

  • Wear hand and body warmers: Solutions like body warmers and hand warmers can help you with this problem, providing the required heat within 5 to 10 minutes. Bodywarmers keep your body warm for more than 8 hours, while hand warmers work as effectively as foot warmers. 
  • Use heating equipment: Besides this, you can keep the temperature healthy in your home or office using the heater. 
  • Wear pure woollen clothes: When you are outside, don't forget to wear enough woollen clothes and a cap to protect yourself from the snowy breeze.
  •  Take the required diet: You must take care of your diet as your body temperature depends highly on it. That's why the cuisine near snowy areas or mountains varies from those in hot conditions. Ensure your food contains heat-producing spices and fruits, such as ginger, cinnamon, oranges, etc. You can enjoy a hot vegetable soup that contains all the vitamins required for body strength.

Shop the best foot warmers

Although a Foot Warmer is an incredible cold feet solution, its quality determines its effectiveness, and the quality depends on how carefully you make the purchase. While purchasing a feet warmer, ensure it is made of natural ingredients. In addition, the foot warmers you buy should be tested and certified. You can rely on Nysh's WARMEE for high-quality yet affordable foot warmers that protect you from shivers, cold, and winter struggles.


  1. Why do you need feet warmers?

While many people feel cold feet during winter is not a matter of concern because it is natural in such low temperatures. However, the weather alone is not responsible for ice-like feet. Apart from chilly weather, too cold feet that hardly warm up even if you are wearing socks or lying under a blanket for hours is the outcome of poor blood circulation, Anemia, stress, and even Diabetes. Foot warmers are the solution to prevent your feet from freezing and soaring during the winter season.

  1. Are WARMEE's foot warmers travel-friendly?

Our warmers have an impressive ultra-thin, light, and comfortable design. You can place our heating insoles in your shoes while travelling for warm and comfortable feet in winter.

  1. Is WARMEE Suitable for kids?

 Our foot warmers are designed for kids above four years and adults. Therefore, it is suitable for the entire family, including children above four years old, and provides the same protection from cold weather to everyone using it.