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How to use foot warmers?

Winter holidays are the best time to plan an adventurous ride around Ladakh hills or a trip to the aesthetically snow-covered Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning the same, don't forget to pack a few pairs of foot-warming products. Yes, air-activated warmers for feet are must-have winter essentials.

Icy-cold feet amidst chilly weather adversely impact a happy sleep and healthy travel. Besides ruining your health and sleep, it dulls the joy of travelling by deriving all your focus on ice-like feet. Foot warmers, an innovative solution, solve all these problems. Now, your next concern might be how to use foot warmers. Don't worry; we have a simplified guide on its usage and advantages.

The right way to use foot warming insole: A simplified process

Warmers designed for feet look the same as an insole but contain elements that react with oxygen to generate heat. It works without any outside energy source like a battery or electricity. Moreover, there is no need to cut the foot warmers to fit your shoe because it usually comes in a size compatible with almost all shoe sizes. The below-listed tips will help you use it without causing any harm to your skin.

  • Cut the packet, remove the foot warmer insole, and place it like any regular insole inside your shoes. You do not have to trim it according to shoe size because it fits all shoes with five or above size.
  •  Wear your winter socks before putting your feet in the shoes to avoid direct contact with skin and its harm. Avoid placing it inside socks as well.
  • Once Foot warmers-cum-insole fits well inside shoes, you can wear it like any other shoe. The Warmee warmers will provide the required heat within a few minutes.

However, warming insoles are one-time-use products that one should neither reuse nor leave open in the air due to oxidation.

Five benefits of using WARMEE insoles for feet

Now that you know the right way to use warmers for feet, you might be curious to find out why it is worth the purchase. It has several benefits, and we have listed its five impressive benefits below:

  1. Protects you from health issues: Some concerning effects of cold feet include common cold and severe foot pain. If you have anaemia, stress, diabetes, or poor blood circulation, it becomes harder to keep your feet warm. The warmer for feet protects you from common cold or muscle pain by providing comforting warmth for at least 5 hours.
  1. Bless your routine with comfort: Whether you are working, travelling, or partying with friends and family, you can wear it inside your shoes anywhere and anytime to keep your feet warm. It doesn't feel bulky or uncomfortable due to its ultra-thin and lightweight design. Therefore, it makes your winter routine comfortable.
  1. Long-lasting warmth: The most note-worthy advantage of using foot warmers over hot water bottles is the long-lasting heat. Using warmers is the best way to say goodbye to the hassles of a hot water bottle. Besides this, its soothing warmth lasts more than five hours, ensuring satisfaction for longer than traditional cold feet solutions.
  1. Quick heating: Thick socks do not provide faster relief from cold feet when the temperature is too low or in minus, but warmers It starts working in a few minutes, within 5-10 minutes, and this quick result lasts for several hours.
  1. No energy source required: It blesses you with warm feet without electricity, hot water, or batteries. An air-activated warmer contains natural elements like salt, carbon, iron powder, etc. Salt, carbon, and iron oxidise and cause an exothermic reaction, generating the desired heat.

Things you need to look for while purchasing warmers

Do not buy any foot warmer you find randomly. Not all warmers will meet your expectations because the quality depends on several things. Make sure you prepare a list of the following things to select the best warmers for feet;

  • Clinically tested and certified: You may wonder how to know whether the product is tested. You can verify it through the brand's website. If the foot warmer's website fails to mention it, you can email the brand for certification and testing proof.
  • Produced by a reputed brand: The foot-warming insoles you purchase must have an impressive brand reputation. The brand earns a good reputation only after satisfying many customers, and customer satisfaction speaks for the quality of the product.
  • Put no strain on pocket: The warmers are supposed to be a value-for-money purchase. If it is overpriced, you may find comfort but not satisfaction. 
  • Provide quick and long-lasting comfort: Read the specifications on the website thoroughly to ensure it produces heat within a few minutes and the benefit lasts several hours. Because of this merit, a foot warmer is considered the most amazing product to get rid of cold feet. So, your foot warmers must meet this criterion.
  • Safe to use: Besides all this, the foot warmer must comprise natural and safe ingredients. It should be safe for skin and the environment to be the best foot warmers.

Let WARMEE take care of your cold feet.

 The air-activated warmers are an exceptional innovation to cope with severely cold weather. In addition, it is a convenient, comfortable, and effective solution for too-cold feet. Warmee foot insoles stand out as a tremendous solution for cold feet. It efficiently works even in too-cold climates. It is an eco-friendly product beneficial for everyone, whether children above four years or adults. You can get it in various packs meeting all budgets at Nysh. Scroll through our winter essentials to find your WARMEE heating insoles pack.


  1. Is WARMEE a value-for-money product?

You can get a pack of WARMEE insoles at impressive and competitive pricing. Moreover, it saves money invested on heating sources like electricity and expenses involved in too bulky winter wear. It is a value-for-money product because of the reasonable pricing, long-lasting heat, and convenience.

  1. Can we place Warmee heating insoles in socks while sleeping?

One shouldn't use body-warming products while sleeping because they can cause skin reactions, redness, and burns. Moreover, our foot heating insoles are meant to be placed inside shoes only. You can wear WARMEE insoles with shoes before sleeping. Its effect on feet will last even after removing the shoes, providing comfortable sleep.

  1. how to use foot warmers with heating insoles?

These air-activated products have ingredients that oxidise in the presence of air, and this oxidation transfers heat to your feet. Once your feet start warming up, you can sit back and relax in the cosy warmth of the heated insoles.