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Winters are meant to fuel your wanderlust and explore distant pastures. But what about the fear of freezing to death or loading your bodies with layers of woolens that entirely swallow you and make you appear slouchy? What if the weary winters are hampering your ability to not only enjoy the outdoors, but also run your errands and daily chores? That’s where WARMEE self-heating warmers play the saviors and let you make the most of your wintertime.


Shielding oneself from frostbites, which commonly affect areas like nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers, or toes, leading to permanent damage of body tissues; or even hypothermia, a state of extremely low body temperature, which may eventually cause death, is the first thought that crosses one’s mind while planning outdoor trips, adventures, and activities to places with extremely cold weather and low temperatures. Right clothing can protect you from the cold to a certain extent, but our revolutionary WARMEE sachets can provide your body with the much needed heat to make you feel warm, cozy, and comfortable.


All body-heating variants of WARMEE like foot-warmers, hand-warmers and body-warmers are completely safe and air-activated. They work on natural exothermic process with natural ingredients like water, vermiculite, carbon, iron powder and salt. When exposed to air, they combine magically and produce heat, thus eliminating the need for any other external source of energy like electricity. Unlike the traditional body heaters that are only suitable for indoors, WARMEE is portable and can be used while outdoor. This makes it usable anytime, anywhere, as an instant, handy, and safe source of heat. Simply open it, shake it, place it in any layer of clothing, and you are good to go and redeem your magical winter moments.


WARMEE body warmers and hand warmers can be placed near the chest, navel, inside jacket pockets and skull caps. When placed between two layers of pants or under the socks, they act like leg warmers too. WARMEE foot warmers are ultra-thin warmers that are very comfortable when placed inside the shoes as insoles. You can experience comfort while staying warm.


WARMEE products are ideal partners for cold weather, because they are lightweight, ecofriendly, safe to use, safe to carry on flights, and do not require any external source of energy. These trailblazing products are popularly used by hikers and trekkers, families travelling to cold destinations, elderly people with low tolerance for cold weather and kids playing outdoors in winters.


Step out confidently in cold and enjoy the chill, with WARMEE by your side to protect you and keep you warm and safe!