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Tired Of The Same Old Hill Stations? Visit These 7 Offbeat Places In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful place that is home to attractions for every kind of traveler. You'll find pristine lakes lying on an unexplored trail, or maybe a mountain pass that takes you to old monasteries stuck in time. It is truly a haven for the ones who find solace in the company of nature.

It is no wonder that this state attracts loads of tourists with the drawback of it being difficult to find a spot without bustling crowds. Since the beauty of these mountains is best experienced in peace and quiet, we have curated a list of 7 offbeat places for you to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

7 Offbeat Places In Himachal To Check Out

  1. Theog
  2. Arki
  3. Kaza
  4. Fagu
  5. Barot
  6. Gushaini
  7. Parwanoo

1. Theog

Located between Rohru and Kinnaur in Shimla, the tiny town of Theog is the perfect place for a relaxing and peaceful vacation. The biggest draw that Theog possesses is its idyllic sceneries that have a beautiful river, winding roads, and lush greenery set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

That being said, if you are the kind to find a trail that leads into the most strangely beautiful places, Theog has that covered too! The landscape of this town is such that you have a bunch of trails to choose from.

If you want to take full-fledged hiking trips, you can check out a few bigger trails that lay close to the city. Trails like Sainj-Mohraug, Jatain, Jharot-Ching, and Dharmpur-Kathot are a few trails that are very well known. Please keep in mind that they vary in terms of difficulty and length, so please start your trek after due research.

2. Arki

Arki is a town in the district of Solan and a neighbor to the more famous places like Kasauli and Chail. It is a town full of historic and cultural significance, both of which also lends the place a very unique sense of art, architecture, and all things man-made. If you want to visit a place that lets you be alone, but also has something for you to do, Arki should be on the top of your list.

One of the most popular attractions in this area is the Arki Fort which was built between 1695 and 1700. In fact, there were quite a few monuments built in that century like the Lutru Mahadev Temple and Jakholi Devi Temple, along with a few more that tie into the royal past of the town. If you’re a history buff, expect these places to blow your mind and keep you busy until the end of time.

On the other hand, if you want to explore the outdoors, you will find tons of options between nature walks, heritage walks, pilgrimages, and hiking. Speaking to the locals will give you directions for the best trails, or other spots of interest in the area.

3. Kaza

Divided in two parts called Kaza Soma (new) and Kaza Khas (old), this town is one of the few places that will take you to the barren mountains with raging rivers and snow-capped peaks. Most people only stop here on their way to Spiti or at the base camp for mountaineering, but seldom make it a point to spot here and experience the strange, idyllic beauty that Kaza possesses.

This town happens to be the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti, making it a proactive administrative and commercial center. The new part of Kaza is home to all the government offices, while the old one boasts of monasteries, gompas, and the king’s palace, among other historical monuments. Visiting this city and the remains of its history is nothing short of mesmerizing. Partially because it feels like you’ve stepped into a different world altogether, and partly because of the sheer beauty and grandeur of all the monuments strewn around.

Once you get here, you’ll also find a lot of hotels, a bazaar, and a bus stop that will take you to all major cities. Also, if you want to just explore the area, you can stroll into villages that lie right besides Kaza as they also have a few religious and cultural monuments.

4. Fagu

Fagu is often referred to as the hidden secret of Shimla. It is a quaint little hamlet that lives about 8038 ft. above sea level and is hidden in fog for as much as nine months in a year. In fact, it is believed that the name ‘Fagu’ is derived from the word fog, given its perpetual presence in the area.

This hamlet is famous as the highest settlement in Shimla and home to forests of Pine and Cedar. Moreover, apple orchards are one of the biggest modes of income here, making for another gorgeous attraction in Fagu. The old-timey buildings and the greenery placed against white peaked mountains adorn the hamlet charm that cannot be found elsewhere.

The presence of nature and the serenity it brings makes Fagu the ideal place for a relaxing trip away from civilization. You can hike into the forests or Apple orchards, or go bird-watching with a knowledgeable local, or even just sit on the terrace of the hotel you’re staying at, watching the scenery in all its glory.

5. Barot

Nestled at an altitude of 6,000 ft. above sea level, Barot is a spot favored by trekkers, nature lovers, and backpackers all alike. The entire village is built around the Uhlu River, with forests of deodar enveloping the village itself.

This landscape, with the rather rough terrain of Barot has resulted in the availability of multiple trekking trails, each leading to a spot prettier than the last one. If you’re interested in the varied wildlife that lives around this village, you can visit the Nagru Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to gorals, monals, and black bears, amongst other animals.

Alternatively, the presence of Uhlu River across the heart of the city has made it a prolific fishing spot. This presents the visitors of Barot with the opportunity to catch trout in one of the highest fishing spots in the world!

6. Gushaini

Gushaini is a village located in the Tirthan Valley of Kullu and has the perfect balance of adventure and serenity. It is a beautiful place full of pear, apricot, and peach orchards. So, regardless of when you go, you’re guaranteed to be in the company of the sweet fragrance of these fruits.

Moreover, the villages on the outskirts of Gushaini, along with some amazing spots around the Tirthan river make for some of the best treks that lead to equally amazing destinations. If you decide that you don’t want to walk all that much and just relax, the views of the river flowing through the lush greenery and disappearing into the mountains is one sight you have to look forward to.

7. Parwanoo

Sometimes, a vacation means going just far enough to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your city, but not from the world entirely. If you’re looking for a similar getaway, Parwanoo is the perfect place for you to visit.

It is a town that is more industrial than tourist-oriented, but has the ambience and weather of a hill station. So, a short stay in the area would mean you get to be in an area full of greenery while being connected to your life. The side-effect is the crowds you see here. But you can choose one of the many hiking trails laid around the town to escape said crowds.

Parwanoo is located in the lower Himalayas close to the Haryana-Himachal border, about an hour away from Chandigarh, and about four hours away from Delhi. This makes Parwanoo the perfect weekend getaway. Also, you can also think of this town as a pitstop on your way to Shimla or Kasauli.

Summing Up

In the pursuit of avoiding crowds, Himachal Pradesh puts us in the company of some sights, natural and manmade, that cannot be experienced anywhere else. We believe that once you experience all that these places have to offer, the lack of crowds will seem like an added bonus. So, plan a trip, pack your bags, and go on an adventure!


What Is The Coldest Place In Himachal?

Kelong, the administrative center of Lahaul and Spiti, is the coldest place in Himachal Pradesh.

Which Month Is Best For Himachal Pradesh?

The months between February to June are considered to be ideal to visit Himachal Pradesh.

Is Fagu Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Known for its apple orchards and an envelope of fog, Fagu is a uniquely beautiful place that you must visit.

Is There Snowfall In Barot?

Yes. Barot sees snowfall during the winter season every year. You can beat the cold by using foot warmer for a cozy stroll. 

At What Altitude Is Theog Situated?

Theog is nestled in the mountains of Himachal at a height of 7,578 feet.