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How to Use Hand Warmers?


Many of us have begun embracing the outdoors by exploring local trails and parks in our communities after the long quarantine years. However, with winter right around the corner, none of us wants our fun to be ruined by cold and numb fingers. This is where the warmers by WARMEE come in handy. However, you must know how to use hand warmers correctly to make them more effective on your body. We will be discussing them below in detail.

The Work of Warmers

Hand warmers are disposable products available only for one-time use. Depending on the product quality and content, they can last 8+ hours before you discard the piece. Now, the question is - how do these warmers work? These products utilise the iron oxidation process to heat and warm the body. You can put them in hidden places, like your gloves or pockets, to keep yourself warm temporarily.

Here are the features associated with the products from WARMEE.

  • Air Activated
  • Ready To Use
  • 8+ Hours Of Heat
  • Natural and Safe Ingredients
  • Safe To Carry On Flights
  • Safe For Adults And Children Above 4 Years
  • One-Time Use

The ingredients present inside these disposable warmers include activated carbon, iron powder, salt, vermiculite, and water. For the unversed, the hand warmer will be activated when these substances react upon exposure to oxygen.

The versatility of WARMEE hand warmers extends to their practicality in various settings. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easily portable. You can fit them snugly into gloves, pockets, or other concealed spaces of your clothes. This makes them an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, sports lovers, or anyone facing cold temperatures. The air-activated nature eliminates the need for external energy sources. Moreover, the adherence to natural and safe ingredients ensures user well-being. 

How to Use Hand Warmers

A hand warmer can protect your hands and fingers from freezing. They give constant protection for around eight hours. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to know how to use these products effectively. That is why we have curated the steps associated with their usage below.

Step 1: Shake the Warmers

Tear the outer package and expose the hand warmer to oxygen. Later, shake the stuff inside to activate the product.

Shaking the hand warmer will allow the substances inside to react and emit heat immediately within a short period.

Step 2: Put on a Liner

Putting on a thin liner can prevent accidental burns by the warmer because of direct contact with the skin. Although this is not compulsory, you can follow this step to prevent yourself from unintentionally getting hurt. 

Step 3: Put the Product in your gloves

You can avoid wearing thick gloves when using a hand warmer. You can insert the warmers inside your gloves. Press it again to secure the piece before putting on your winter gloves.

Step 4: Wear Your Gloves

The last step is to hold the hand warmer lightly after putting on a thick pair of gloves. It will enable you to continue with your daily tasks easily. However, read the instructions associated with the product before wearing them for more effective results.

Benefits of Using Hand Warmers

A hand warmer provides more than eight hours of heat. They are the best resort to protect your hands during the cold weather and keep them warm for a long period. Everyone must know the benefits of these products:

  1. Environmentally Friendly Products

The WARMEE hand warmer is made of naturally safe ingredients. So, they do not harm the environment despite being made for single-use purposes only. Hence, purchasing a pair can get your hands on an eco-friendly product. 

  1. Long Time Usage 

You can keep your hand warm and protected for a long time after wearing a pair of hand warmers. They can last you all day as you continue your chores in the chilly weather. The best example is the WARMEE hand warmer that keeps you warm for over eight hours. 

  1. Fast Heating Ability

Most body warmers like WARMEE can deliver comfortable warmth in a flash. Moreover, their temperature memory function allows you to enjoy just the right amount of warmth when you keep them inside your gloves or jacket pockets. 

  1. Easy Usage

There are no safety hazards associated with hand warmers. This applies as long as you use them correctly. Most of them often sport safety features so you do not commit any mistakes when using them. Try using a WARMEE hand warmer that is easy to utilise and functions effectively inside your clothes. 

Final Thoughts 

Hand warmers are of excellent use when most of us work outdoors in extremely cold weather. They warm us up quickly and prevent our hands from feeling stiff.  So, you should be able to utilise the products well without burning your fingers now that you have learned how to use hand warmers. Be sure to read the instructions before using the warmers. Never forget to dispose of them after a single use. Head to the Nysh website now to grab your WARMEE hand warmer


  1. How does a hand warmer work?

A hand warmer works through an exothermic reaction, which helps generate warmth for a longer period. The product provides a convenient source of heat to individuals for outdoor activities.

  1. How long do warmers stay active?

The duration of a hand warmer depends on the specific product type. However, most of them, like WARMEE, are disposable and for single use only. These warmers last 8+ hours. 

  1. Are WARMEE warmers safe?

Yes, these warmers are completely safe to use for all individuals. The best part about the WARMEE hand warmer is that it is made from naturally safe ingredients, making it convenient to use.