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How To Stay Warm During Winter Camping

There’s nothing like camping in a snow-cloaked landscape with the starry sky above you and a hot cup of coffee in your hand. It’s indeed a surreal experience unlike any other. However, even the breathtaking sights around you won’t be able to make up for the freezing temperatures that you have to deal with. But don’t let those thoughts of frigid winters stop you from planning a winter camping trip. We have some tips that’ll help you enjoy the cold weather in bliss. Here’s everything you need to know about how to stay warm during winter camping.

Tips On How To Stay Warm During Winter Camping

  1. Dress In Extra Layers
  2. Choose The Right Size For Your Tent
  3. Insulate Your Tent
  4. Use A Sleeping Bag And A Liner
  5. Pack A Hot Water Bottle
  6. Invest In Hand And Body Warmers
  7. Eat Right

1. Dress In Extra Layers

This is the most obvious one: more clothes, more warmth! You’ll need to dress up in layers to save yourself from the freezing temperatures during your winter camping. Start off with base layering like moisture-wicking undergarments. After that comes midlayering, so make sure you wear a puffy sweater and long bottoms made out of fleece or wool.

If you think that sweaters aren’t keeping you warm enough, you can wear a shell jacket. It’ll help you battle the chilly winds on cold winter nights. Don't forget to layer your hands and feet. You can wear waterproof mittens or gloves and thick socks to keep them warm and comfortable.

2. Choose The Right Size For Your Tent

Who wouldn’t like camping in a big or a family-size tent? After all, it gives you ample room to accommodate all your stuff and sleep comfortably. But if you’re camping in winters, the size of your tent matters! An overly large tent will just increase the chances of you getting cold at night, especially if there are just 1-2 people camping. So, if you and your friend are sharing a tent, opt for a two-person tent instead of one that’s huge. When you choose the right size tent, it’ll help trap the warmth inside to keep you comfortable.

3. Insulate Your Tent

As mentioned earlier, the smaller the tent, the warmer it is. To keep yourself warm at night, you need to have ground insulation. You can use a ground mat, an old rug, or a blanket in order to insulate the floor inside your tent. Don’t forget to duct tape the top of your tent with a waterproof thermal blanket in order to trap the heat inside.

4. Use A Sleeping Bag And A Liner

Along with a sturdy tent, a sleeping bag is a must for winter camping. You can purchase a thermal sleeping bag as they’re easy to tuck away in your backpack. They also help to raise your body temperature, so you won’t have to worry about freezing at night.

Another underrated camping equipment is a liner. In case the temperature of the weather gets colder than your sleeping bag is rated to, you’ll need something more to warm you up. Depending on the location of your camp, you can choose from cotton, synthetic, or silk liners. Also, sleeping liners can come in various types like lightweight and bulky. So, carry a heavy liner only if you think you’re going to be needing it.

5. Pack A Hot Water Bottle

If you want to stay warm during winter camping, always pack a hot water bottle with you. The most common problem faced by campers on chilly nights is not being able to sleep because of cold feet. You can place it near your feet or inside your sleeping bag and voila, it’ll provide an added layer of warmth!

6. Invest In Hand And Body Warmers

To battle the cold with confidence, you can rely on hand and body warmers. After all, the more comfortable you are, the better you’ll sleep, and be energetic for your activities the next day. They can shield you from harsh winters and keep you warm. Always invest in good quality products like the Warmee Self Heating Warmer. They’re lightweight, eco-friendly, and can keep you warm for up to 8 hours!

7. Eat Right

This is one of our favorite tips! We all know that our body burns calories to keep us warm. So, to keep you sustained and retain your body heat, you can eat high-energy foods. Hot cocoa, oatmeal, vegetable soup, granola, and protein bars are some of the best choices. Remember, if you go to sleep without eating, it’ll be difficult for you to stay warm.

Summing Up

Those were our tips on how to stay warm during winter camping. Just follow these tips and you’ll be able to successfully battle all your winter endeavors. We hope that you get to make the most of your time on your next camping trip.


How Do You Stay Warm In A Tent Below Freezing?

The best way to stay warm in a tent is by dressing up in layers and investing in hand and body warmers. See to it that you choose the right size for your tent and keep it insulated. Also, use a sleeping bag and a liner for extra comfort and always keep a hot water bottle near you.

What Keeps You Warm When Camping?

During winter camping, you can have foods that are warm and high in energy. A cup of hot cocoa, soup, or ginger tea can keep you warm. Wearing thermal wear and using hand and body warmers are other things that’ll keep you comfortable.

How Do You Keep A Tent Warm Without Electricity?

Of course, choosing the right place to set up your tent plays an important role during winter camping. There are other things you can do like using a winter-rated sleeping bag, a candle lantern, and hot water bottles to keep the tent warm.

How Do You Stay Warm In A Tent At Night?

The best way to stay warm in a tent at night is by insulating it. You can use ground mats and rugs to keep the tent warm. Apart from that, a sleeping bag, pad, and other winter accessories can help you battle the cold at night.

What To Wear In A Sleeping Bag To Stay Warm?

You can wear winter clothes like a jacket, gloves, socks, hat, etc to stay warm inside a sleeping bag. If you still feel cold, use hand and body warmers or a hot water bottle to keep yourself warm.

Is Sleeping In A Car Warmer Than A Tent?

In winters, the inside of your tent can get colder compared to the inside of your car. That’s because cars can trap heat inside due to their built-in insulation that’ll keep you warm.

What Is The Best Thing To Sleep On When Camping?

When you’re camping, the best things to sleep on would be sleeping bags or camping mattresses. It’ll save you from the cold weather outside and help retain your body heat.

Do Sleeping Bag Liners Increase Warmth?

A sleeping bag liner adds to the warmth of your sleeping bag. It provides an extra layer of insulation to give you comfort on cold winter nights.