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Health Benefits Of Using Body Warmers

Winter might be all fun and rosy until your body starts to become stiff because of all that time you spend at home. Exercising would be one way to keep your body warm but you can’t do it all the time. That’s where body warmers come to the rescue. Just in case you didn't know, a body warmer is nothing but a thick sleeveless jacket that provides warmth to the body, keeping it cozy and protecting it from the winter.

A body warmer protects your upper body, mainly the torso area, by giving it warmth and acting as a shield to protect the body from the rude winter winds. But that’s not all, there are certain health benefits of using body warmers too. So read on to know all about it. 

Types Of Body Warmers

Before we get into the benefits of body warmers, let us give you a lowdown of the different types. Every type is similar but the uses are different depending from person to person. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Fleece Body Warmer

Right off the bat, let us tell you that a fleece body warmer is not made out of the wool coat of the sheep. But the fleece body warmer is such that you get the same feeling as cuddling a sheep. The material used for making fleece is mostly synthetic and the finest polyester fibers, yet it gives the coziest feel once you wear it. 

Trust the fleece body warmer to keep you warm throughout winter. The best part is that it can be styled in many ways with different colors and layering. To add to that, it is absolutely lightweight and breathable. If that wasn’t enough, you should know that it is useful for all age groups!

Women enjoying the winters with body warmers

2. Quilted Body Warmer

A quilted body warmer is basically a material overlapped by three layers of different fabrics. That is how the diamond-shaped pattern is formed, creating a beautiful design. Quilted Bodywarmers can be a trusted companion to tackle the winter chills. It has properties like insulation and heat resistance but is also soft and cushiony from inside. The material used is slightly on the thicker side, so that works well if your tolerance of cold is not the best or if you stay in a place where the temperatures drop really low. 

3. Technical Body Warmer

A technical body warmer is made up of a mixture of thick materials like cotton, wool, fleece, and thinsulate. Their purpose is mainly to give warmth to the bodies of people who are professionals, like athletes, hunters, and shooters. What it has in common with the fleece and quilted body warmers is that it’s also an open jacket. Technical body warmers, especially the ones created for shooters, have pockets to hide their bullet cartridges.

Health Benefits Of Using Body Warmers

Some of the health benefits of using body warmers are as follows:

1. Keeps Your Body Warm/Your Body Feels Relaxed

As much as your body needs warmth during winter, it needs to relax and rejuvenate the frigid fight it has to put up against the season. Luckily a body warmer takes care of this pretty well. The soft and comfortable fabrics used to make these warmers help soothe your body down. Your body temperature is also controlled and gives an effect of comfort and relief without feeling stuffy.

Woman wearing body warmers enjoying the snowfall

2. Saves You From Cold And Body Aches

Apart from doing the duty of protecting your body from the cold and harsh winds, body warmers also save your body from getting severe colds, sinuses, cramps, and unwanted body pain. This is the beauty of using a body warmer; it is not irritating, lightweight, in vogue, and a savior for human bodies in the winter.

3. Less Prone To Injury

A body warmer is a great multi-tasker. Not only does it protect the body, but it also serves as a cushion against certain injuries. Don't underestimate body warmers just because they're light. Their supremacy reigns, saving you in some way from the various bumps that come with the season.  

A child bruises his knee as he does not wear body warmers for the winter

4. Able To Enjoy More Fresh Air

Although body warmers are cozy and keep you warm during winter, and you might assume it is very hectic to stay in them throughout the day, that is not really the case. In fact, these warmers are very breathable and airy, keeping you fresh and active all day long. Your skin is able to breathe and stays protected by the skin-friendly material. So don’t hold yourself back from flaunting that chic winter look of yours. 

5. Helps Improve Overall Body Performance

Body warmers help improve the overall performance of your body. In case you’re wondering, your mobility doesn’t get affected so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Plus your skin stays away from frostbite because of the added layer. With the warmth provided by the body warmer, you would be able to perform tasks that require dexterity better. 

Summing Up

Body warmers are the angels protecting you in winter from the chilly air. Just make sure you get yourself ones that fit you well. At the same time, you should look for ones that suit your skin to avoid any reactions that could be caused by any medical condition or skin allergies you might have. 


What Is The Difference Between A Body Warmer And A Gilet?

A body warmer and gilets are one and the same. It is a sleeveless jacket for layering on clothes, especially in winter to protect you from the cold.

Can You Put Hand Warmers Directly On The Skin?

Absolutely not! The chemicals in the hand warmers are designed in a way to keep your body parts like hands and toes warm. So if it comes in direct contact with your skin, then your skin might end up burning.

Are Heat Wraps Safe?

To some extent, they are, but not always. Continuous use of the heat pads may cause a skin rash, burn, or irritation.