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5 Places To Visit In Finland In Winter

Finland is absolutely breathtaking in winters. This place is on the radar of many travelers to see the Northern Lights, Santa Claus Village, and enjoy a Finnish style sauna during winters. The landscape also turns perfect to enjoy adventurous activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skiing. To make the most of your time in a winter wonderland, here are the 5 places to visit in Finland.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Finland In Winter

  1. Helsinki
  2. Rovaniemi
  3. Vaasa
  4. Tampere
  5. Kemi

1. Helsinki

First on our list, we have the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. This city has lots of outdoor opportunities for travelers visiting here in winter. That’s when the streets get covered in snow and you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale land. The snow-lined streets of Senate Square are a must-visit in winters because of the Christmas markets organized there.

Another place worth visiting in Helsinki is the sea fortress, Suomenlinna. It actually comprises six different islands and you get to see many things like the cannons used for World Wars, Suomenlinna Church, The Ehrensvärd Museum, and much more. To get a panoramic view of Helsinki, you can take a helicopter ride over the city.

When the chilly weather gets to you in Helsinki you must enjoy a glass of glögi (a spicy beverage which tastes like mulled wine). Winters are the perfect time to explore the tons of artificial fields in Helsinki for an ice-skating experience. The city also has many saunas, like the Löyly Sauna, where you can relax and warm yourself.

Average Temperature In Winters: 19℉ to 34℉.

2. Rovaniemi

When you arrive at Rovaniemi, you’ll feel like you’ve entered your dreamland. This lovely place is the capital of Finnish Lapland. It looks absolutely breathtaking in winters. Rovaniemi is also known to be the official home of Santa Claus. So, if you’re visiting here in winters, do stop by the Santa Claus Village.  As you take a stroll through the snow-covered streets, you can munch on some gingerbread cookies at the stalls here.

You can enjoy ice fishing or take a tour of the town by snowshoeing in Lapland. For adventure enthusiasts, Rovaniemi also has guided snowmobile excursions. Of course, the chilly temperatures can make it difficult for you to indulge in any of these activities. So, don’t forget to carry your winter essentials to save you from the cold weather here.

Average Temperature In Winters: 8℉ to 30℉.

3. Vaasa

Located on the West Coast of Finland, Vassa is another gorgeous city that’s known for its historical charm and remarkable architecture. If you’re visiting this city in winter, make sure you pack smart for the cold temperatures here. One of the most scenic attractions in Vassa is the Replot Bridge. This masterpiece is not just an architectural wonder, but also an amazing place to get glorious views of Vaasa.

If you’re a person who needs a daily dose of adventure, there are sledding hills throughout the city. After a day full of sightseeing and adventurous activities, you can relish some barbecue grilled chicken at public campfire sites in Vaasa.

Average Temperature In Winters: 16℉ to 28℉.

4. Tampere

Tampere is a snow-lovers paradise in Finland. It’s one of the coldest cities in the country, and there’s no limit to the number of outdoor activities you can enjoy here! There are several ice tracks and sled hills in and around the city that you can explore.

You can get tour skates for rent at various places like Sorapuitso and Altonen parks. The city also has several slopes where you can go skiing. Some of the best places to go downhill skiing are Kauppi Sports Park and Mustavuori.

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventurous activity, ice swimming is something you should definitely try. You can first warm yourself up at Rahuhaneimi and Kaupinoja saunas and then take a dip in the lake waters here. The Rauhaniemi Beach is one of the most popular places to go ice swimming. The water can be incredibly cold because of the chilly temperatures of the city. So, see to it that you layer up in your winter garments and use body warmers to help your body maintain a comfortable temperature.

Average Temperature In Winters: 15℉ to 30℉.

5. Kemi

Kemi resides at the northern end, towards the Gulf of Bothnia. The location of Kemi is such that it’s situated very close to the Arctic Circle. You can explore this place if you’re willing to try something different that you’ve never done before! It’s also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. You have to get to the outskirts of this town to witness this amazing phenomenon.

This town is home to the largest Snow Castle in the entire world. Just a glance at this ice hotel and you’ll feel like you’ve come to a winter wonderland. This castle has everything, right from a hotel, a chapel, to a restaurant for dining. After taking a tour of the Snow Castle, you can head straight to the Bothnian Bay and try ice floating in a survival suit.

If you want to take your winter vacation to the next level, you can take a Sampo Icebreaker Cruise. You’ll get to witness the ship’s ice-breaking power while enjoying the cruise. These are a few things that you’ll get to experience only in Kemi. Thermal wear and other winter essentials like body warmers, boots, and finger gloves are a must if you’re visiting here.

Average Temperature In Winters: 6℉ to 26℉.

Summing Up

If you’re planning a trip to Finland in winter, you need to pack thermal wear as the weather there can get really cold. We recommend you pack winter garments made of wool as they’ll keep you warm and comfortable. It goes without saying that hand gloves, socks, and hats are must-haves for a winter trip. Along with that, make sure you have hand and body warmers that can come to your aid for a vacation in Finland.


What Are 5 Popular Lakes In Finland?

The most popular lakes in Finland are Inari, Saimaa, Pielinen, Nasijarvi, and Kulovesi.

Is Winter A Good Time To Visit Finland?

Winter is a good time to visit Finland, especially for those who love outdoor activities. The country has several things to offer like sledding, cross-country skiing, and hiking, to satisfy the adventurer inside you.

What Should I Wear In Finland?

If you’re going on a trip to Finland, you’ll need to layer up in warm clothes. The innermost layer can be your thermals. You must also wear insulated jackets that are waterproof as your outer layer. Don’t forget to wear thick woolen socks, hand gloves, and a hat to protect yourself from the extreme cold temperatures here. Carry a scarf to cover your neck and mouth as well.

What Is The Best Month To See The Northern Lights In Finland?

The best months to see the Northern Lights in Finland are anytime between December and March. Because these are winter months, the temperature is dry and nights are the longest. You’ll be able to see the Northern Lights in places like Kemi, Rovaniemi, Kakslauttanen, and many others.