7 Best Gifts For Travelers

There’s no greater joy than when an avid traveler receives a present that aids them in their traveling ventures. If you have friends or family that are lovers of travel, and you’re confused about what to gift them, then this article is meant for you. Read our article on some of the best gifts for travelers to know more!

7 Best Gifts For Travelers

  1. Power Banks
  2. Bluetooth Speakers
  3. Backpacks
  4. Travel Pillows
  5. Trekking Shoes
  6. Travel Adapters
  7. Collapsible Water Bottles

1. Power Banks

A smartphone is a traveler’s best friend. They use it for navigation, searching for pit stops, new places to explore, and the list just goes on. But what’s the use of a fancy smartphone if it doesn’t have sufficient charge in it? That’s when power banks step in and save the day. And the next time your travel buddy is celebrating an accomplishment, you can consider a power bank as a gift to them.

When selecting a power bank, you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • Charging Ports: First off, ensure that the power bank has a good number of charging ports. The more charging ports, the more devices can be connected such as smartwatches, tablets, cameras, etc. Also, go for a power bank that has clear LED lights, so that your traveler friend can clearly see the charging status.
  • Battery Type: Last but not least, buy a power bank that has a high-grade lithium-polymer battery. Cheap power banks come with low-grade batteries and can explode when overcharged. This can be dangerous, not only to the device but also to the people around it. Although good quality lithium-polymer batteries are expensive, we must say that they’re worth the buck.

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Who doesn't like listening to some banging tunes while driving on a road trip? Or playing some campfire beats to set the tone? Of course, you can hire a musician and they’ll do the job just fine! But for those who can’t strum a chord, we have Bluetooth speakers to entertain. And if you’re searching for a gift for one who loves listening to music while traveling, try giving them a Bluetooth speaker.

Here are some pointers for you to know before selecting a Bluetooth speaker for your traveler friend:

  • Battery Life: Bluetooth speakers are wireless, and they'll need good battery life for those long trips. After all, you don’t want to keep on charging your speaker after a short period. A minimum of 6 to 8 hours is what you should be looking for in a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Size: Bluetooth speakers come in various dimensions. Although they’re portable, there are some heavier variants as well. So if you think that the person you’re gifting would like something portable, go for the lightweight options.
  • Water Resistance: A Bluetooth speaker that has an IP68 rating means that it’s waterproof and can be underwater for 30 minutes. This metric is a must if you’re gifting it to someone who travels outdoors.

3. Backpacks

If you’re planning to gift an avid trekker something special, then backpacks are an ideal option. However, the catch is selecting the right one. There are many gifting options available, and here are some parameters which will help you to select the apt one for your travel buddy:

  • Waterproof: When it comes to backpacks, ensure that they’re water resistant to some level. It can be made of semi-waterproof material so that the bag doesn’t get entirely drenched after one shower. Nylon fiber backpacks are pretty much water resistant and you should go for those.
  • Double Zippers: Ensure that the backpack has two zippers for each compartment. A double zipper backpack means it can be lockable, ensuring better safety while traveling.
  • Multiple Compartments: If you want to know whether a bag is suitable, check the number of compartments it has. This means that you can designate each compartment to store something, making life much easier. This is much better than having one compartment and having to dig through it just to find the torch.

4. Travel Pillows

Long journeys can be strenuous and getting a sound sleep on a long flight or road trip can be wishful thinking! This is when travel pillows come in handy. They provide the best comfort for those pesky long journeys and help you to rest well without straining your neck.

Thinking of getting one for your travel friend? Here is how you can choose the right travel pillow for them:

  • Texture: Consider looking into the texture of the travel pillow before buying one. A hard and firm-textured pillow offers good comfort whereas a stiff neck pillow provides better neck support.
  • Size: It’s better to buy a travel pillow that fits easily into luggage. An inflatable pillow occupies less space as compared to a solid pillow. Similarly, a foam pillow, which is mainly used for long-distance flights, can be easily compressed into one’s bag. Trust your intuition and select which type your friend would prefer.

5. Trekking Shoes

There is nothing more satisfying than being gifted a new pair of shoes. And for a traveler who loves trekking, receiving a new pair of trekking shoes will be surreal. But, to create this surreal experience, you need to know how to select the right pair. Although selecting trekking shoes depends on several different factors, here are the basic points you need to know:

  • Grip: Trekking shoes are practically obsolete without proper grip. So it’s better that you dig a bit deeper into this point. A simple way of knowing whether a shoe has a good grip is to look at the groves. The deeper the groove, the better the grip.
  • Shoe Sole: A soft and flexible sole is ideal. A practical way to test it is to lightly tap the sole with a hard object and hear the sound. If it makes a dull sound, it means that the sole is perfect for trekking. On the contrary, a hard sole will make a shrill noise, meaning it’s not the one you should buy.
  • Water Resistance: It’ll be pointless to buy a pair of trekking shoes without them being water resistant. You cannot trek with wet feet as it's uncomfortable and becomes a breeding ground for shoe bites. Also, the shoes have to be water resistant and not waterproof. Waterproof shoes don’t have any ventilation, in turn causing your feet to stink and remain damp. So, keep this point in mind!

6. Travel Adapters

One of the pains of traveling overseas is that you have to worry about the type of plug points you’ll get. Each country follows a particular type of plug point and purchasing an adapter separately just for a little while would just be a waste of money. That’s where travel adapters come to the rescue, making it an ideal gift for your friend who travels abroad often.

These are some tips, which will help you select the best travel adapter to gift a traveler:

  • Power Supply Options: See that you buy a travel adapter that has AC and USB options in it. Ideally, the perfect travel adapter would have an AC outlet along with two USB ports, so that multiple devices can be charged simultaneously.
  • Size: When it comes to size, see that the travel adapter is as compact as possible. A good travel adapter will not be bulky in addition to having a healthy number of USB and AC ports.

7. Collapsible Water Bottles

Collapsible water bottles are the best when it comes to traveling lightly. Whether you’re trekking the mountains or just backpacking through a serene village, a collapsible water bottle is a fun accessory to have with you. They’re particularly made of plastic or silicon and can be rolled down to a size that can fit into your pocket.

Take note of some of these points which will help you in selecting:

  • Material: Make sure that the bottle is made up of food-grade silicone and that it’s free of BPA (Bisphenol A - a chemical found in plastic).
  • Capacity: The standard capacity of a collapsible water bottle is around 500 ml. Some bottles have a limit of 1 liter too, so choose whichever one seems fit.
  • Closure: Bottles with screw-top covers and button lids are favorable since they avoid spillage.

Summing Up

Gifting shouldn’t be a tricky affair since you now know which are the best gifts for travelers. Each item mentioned in this list is practical, so study the traveler’s needs and select the best one for them. Happy shopping!


What Gift To Give Someone Who Loves Traveling?

You can gift a wide variety of items to your traveler friend. Some of them are trekking shoes, backpacks, and travel pillows.

Can I Bring A 30000mah Power Bank On A Plane?

Yes, but it has to be kept in your hand luggage.

Is A Travel Pillow Worth It?

Travel pillows are definitely worth it since they provide better neck support for long journeys.