10 Immunity-Boosting Fruits For Winters

The excitement that comes with winter is quite undeniable, but unfortunately, so are the chances of falling ill. In case you didn’t know, the body's functions become distracted during the winter. Consequently, this results in weakening of the entire immune system, and becoming vulnerable to common diseases such as cold and cough, the flu, sore throats, pneumonia, and so on. 

Fortunately though, eating healthy is a surefire way of boosting your immunity. All you have to do is ensure the right amount of nutrients such as protein, fiber and iron, among others are being given to your system. We cannot understate how big a difference adding fruits to your diet can make. To help you get started, we’ve chalked out a list of 10 immunity-boosting fruits for winters that you can include in your diet. 

10 Immunity-Boosting Fruits For Winters

1. Oranges

When life gives you oranges, don’t just squirt them in someone’s eyes when you can treat yourself with its juiciness. One of the most talked about fruits, especially in the winter season, and rightly so. Yes, its sweet-tarty taste can be quite addictive, but this nice bright tangerine-colored fruit is a rich source of vitamin C which helps boost your immunity. 

A word of advice here - stick to eating the orange instead of making juice out of it as the fruit in itself has more nutrients than the juice. You don’t want to miss out on the valuable fiber. Interestingly, oranges happen to be great for not only the overall health of your skin, but it also helps with weight loss and manages blood sugar levels.

2. Apples

If you randomly throw an apple, chances are that it will hit a person who knows that the fruit is supposed to be healthy. But did you know that apples have healing properties against constipation and diarrhea? It doesn’t end there! Apples are one of the best immunity-boosting fruits for winters because it not only promotes radiant skin but also maintains your digestive system. 

With endless benefits that include fiber, antioxidants and vitamins B and C, it’s easy to see why one of the biggest companies in the world is named after this fruit. Let apples be a part of your daily diet, especially during winters for it to boost your immune system and also guard you against all those germs that come with the season.

Apples help boost immunity in the winters

3. Sweet Lemon/Lime

When life gives you sweet lemons, it’s your chance to boost your immunity and enjoy a pulpy fruit. Sweet lemon or lime, also known as mosambi, is another member of the citrus family to have in the winter season. Packed with rich sources of fiber and vitamin C, sweet lemons are great for weight loss. So if you have a dodgy digestive system, you know you can count on sweet lemon. 

Your hair and skin will certainly be indebted to you if you give your system a healthy dose of sweet lemon. Moreover, this citrusy fruit  is beneficial for your eyes and helps get rid of stomach ulcers too. As if all this wasn’t enough, the fruit also reduces the risk of dehydration. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

4. Pears

Pear is another superfruit that will be your best friend in the winter season to lean on. The fruit is generously packed with unique nutritional values that help in keeping the immune system strong and having a healthy body throughout winter. The insane amount of fiber contained in pears adds value to the body by keeping the weight under control and keeping your stomach full for a long time. 

The overall goodness of the polyphenols in pears helps in maintaining the skin and cushioning the body from the risk of obesity, heart health, and diabetes. One of the sweetest ways of cleaning your lungs happens to be treating yourself to a pear from time to time. If you’re someone who struggles with asthma or other respiratory issues, pear is the fruit you need to hold dear. 

5. Pomegranates

Can’t remember the last time you had pomegranates? Well, maybe that’s all the more reason to eat this fruit because not only does it taste great, but it also helps sharpen your memory. Pomegranates make great companions during the winter considering how this top-notch fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamins C, and E. This ultimately shields you from cold, cough and various kinds of flu by keeping your immune system healthy.

Pomegranates don’t let you down when you need something that’s a great source of properties that aid in reducing irritation in the intestines, inflammation, and stress in the body. So it practically deals with those nasty stomach ulcers. If these reasons weren’t enough, you should know that pomegranates prevent body cells from getting damaged.

Pomegranates are great immunity-boosting fruits to have this winter

6. Kiwi

While we might not have anything to help you with heartbreaks, we can surely recommend Kiwi as a fruit that can improve your overall heart health. Including Kiwifruit in your diet is known to control blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of heart problems. Winters are when your immune system can get a bit shaky, but a fair dose of vitamins C, E and K can definitely take care of that. Luckily for you, Kiwis have plenty of that. 

More than just a really delicious fruit, Kiwis go beyond your tastebuds to take care of you. They do so by being packed with fiber, antioxidants, and folate, promoting a healthy digestive system. It’s safe to say that the Kiwifruit is a gift that keeps on giving. 

7. Figs

Got a snacking problem? Want to eat healthy? Turn to figs and you’d be killing two birds with one stone. Filled with nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and iron, figs are undoubtedly one of the best immunity-boosting fruits for winters. With figs being a great source of natural fibers, the fruit is basically an angel in disguise that cures people suffering from liver problems and constipation. 

If you see the winter season as an opportunity to manage your weight, start by including figs in your diet. The added benefit is that this fruit keeps you warm and also makes your bones stronger. So next time you see a fig in the kitchen, do not hesitate to eat it raw or mix it with warm milk. Have it, either way, the benefits won’t change.

8. Pineapples

As controversial as it may be to put pineapple as a topping on a pizza, it doesn’t change the fact that the fruit has great nutritional value to it. Having it during winter is as good a time as any. The secret behind eating pineapples is that it is the heart's best friend, cutting out the bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol. 

Naturally sweet and tangy in taste, pineapples aid in reducing the risk of various types of cancer. What’s more is that it helps in maintaining a good digestive system and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Human bones tend to become stronger by eating pineapples. Think of pineapples as a natural supplement that helps boost the immune system, preventing cold winds and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

9. Grapes

Don’t be fooled by the different colors in which you find grapes. They’re all really good for you, sour or not. Just like every other fruit on this list, grapes too, be it green, blackish blue or red, improve your immune system. While the fruit might be tiny, it packs a punch when it comes to helpful antioxidants that make you age well like wine does. Grapes also have health benefits such as improving brain function, aiding in sleep, keeping your eyes clear and sharp, and improving your heart health and digestive system.

Boost your immunity this winter with grapes!

10. Strawberries

Just as everyone in their childhood was fascinated by the cartoon Strawberry Shortcake, people tend to have a great liking for strawberries, and rightly so. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. One of the best tasting immunity-boosting fruits for winters, strawberries are also known to control your blood sugar levels. Need some help with weight loss or simply to maintain your digestive system? Look no further than strawberries because they can take care of both for you! 

Summing Up

Hope you enjoy these 10 immunity-boosting fruits thoroughly because apart from being a great source of power-packed nutrients, they taste good too. Eating healthy foods in winter has a huge impact on your body and immune system at large. Just make sure you are including these immunity-boosting fruits into your daily diet for them to work well. 


How Can I Boost Your Immune System In Winter?

The best way to boost your immune system in winter is to keep yourself hydrated, have an adequate amount of sleep, avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol as much as you can, eat good and healthy food and regular exercise. 

What Are The Best Foods To Eat In Winter?

Healthy foods that are best for improving your overall system and keeping you warm are soups, vitamin D-rich foods like salmon, egg yolks, milk, and vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

Which Vitamin Increases Immunity?

Vitamins C, E, and B6 help to boost your immune system, keeping you safe from common winter illnesses like cold, cough, and flu.